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Inside Out Women is an organization that brings together women of all backgrounds, and equips them to launch into their full potential. Workshops, courses, retreats and talks are held, where the best business minds and sporting personalities share their intellectual property and their secrets to success. This is a platform which strives to spring-board women into their desired careers. Essentially, it's women helping women.


"I believe in the importance of women creating space for other women. A continuous sharing of all things, a transferance of power."


Subjects disussed are numerous, but include:

Health and Wellness

Business and Management

Confidence and self-talk


Public speaking

Negotiating and interpersonal skills

Yoga classes




These topics are always presented by leaders in each industry, who the women get to meet and greet afterwards. It really is a sharing of knowledge; a transferance of power. Women are born to shine. Empowered women can change the world.

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Inside Out Women